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Kiros and Kara are strong, curious and vastly adventurous young children. Their guardian, Tao Suon trains them to hunt and fend for themselves at an early age, the children become accustomed to nature in all its beauty and danger. As time passes on the little island, their hunger grows to reclaim the throne in the Kingdom of Kuru. Meanwhile, the twins entertain themselves by challenging each other—to faux duels, fish catching, or their most favorite pastime, racing.

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How it begins…

One day, as the twins, Kiros and Kara are racing on their island home, they happen upon a tomblike structure in the sand that neither had ever seen before. Kara determines that the tide must have revealed it, but suggests it was hidden for a reason and that they should alert Tao Suon. Kiros however believes their overprotective guardian will ban them from entering if he finds out. Feeling compelled by whatever may be inside, the twins decide to remove the stone door and enter immediately. They find a relic and bring it to Tao Suon begging to know of its origin.


Tao Suon reprimands the twins for entering the tomb without permission. This doesn’t quell their curiosity, however their guardian is reluctant to answer them. Eventually their badgering breaks him and he points to a shroud of storm in the distance. He tells them  there are more relics on the islands hidden within. The twins conspire to explore them and they ask Tao Suon for his help. He agrees on the condition they are able to complete a practice run on their current island. He tells them that there four more relics in the shape of games on the island. If they can find them, he will teach them how to reach the other islands.


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