Play as Prince Kiros or Princess Kara, twin siblings, who together are discovering their role in the magical Kingdom of Kuru. Their adventure begins by collecting four magical crystals.

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The Origin…

Many years ago, an army of slaves escaped the confines of the Northern Empire and followed their leader, Kuru, to a new home in a land of abandoned ruins. They named their new home the Kingdom of Kuru.

Despite their oppressive origin, they possessed skills and wisdom that surpassed neighboring kingdoms. Former slaves were now a noble and powerful race. Many marveled as this new nation thrived. Word spread of this new “slave free” kingdom and it became a beacon of hope for many.

Then one day everything changed.

All the inhabitants disappeared. Everything that once made the kingdom great vanished. In its place rose four powerful sorcerers who now claimed the land. Combining their powers, they divided the Kingdom of Kuru into four islands to inhabit with their horde of monsters.

Now, the only hope of defeating them and discovering what happened to the Kingdom’s people and ruler lies within a pair of mysterious 13 year old twins.

kingdom of kuru

Kingdom of Kuru Phone Wallpapers

Kara Wallpaper
Kiros Wallpaper
Kiros Wallpaper
Trident Wallpaper

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