Infant Stages of Kingdom of Kuru

Infant Stages of Kingdom of Kuru

by | Aug 21, 2016

After creating two adorable characters, Kiros and Kara, and their homeland, we decided that The Kingdom of Kuru could be more than a game, but also a brand. We believe this fantastic world has the potential to go beyond games and into various mediums such as children books, figurines, and animation.  We wanted our consumers to fall in love with the story of the birth of a kingdom, it’s fall and its heroic revival. The Great Race would just be the entry point into an epic saga where the twins discover the power of love and save their home, the Kingdom of Kuru.

In its infantile stages, a main focus with the Kingdom of Kuru was to define the scope, which limits the features and functionalities of the game. This was extremely important since our development is limited to a two person team, and it is easy to become overwhelmed. Most of our difficulties in this stage dealt with the fact that neither of us had used this game engine, Construct 2, before. The visual programming language that Construct 2 utilizes made me feel limited when trying to accomplish more complex actions. Many programming conventions I was accustomed to worked differently and I had to use a lot of hacks to get things to work the way we want. 

After experimentation and narrowing our scope, we were ready and brave enough to create a demo. The first step was to decide what features to have for the demo, the length and a marketing agenda. We came up with a set of answers but, as game development goes, it constantly changed. Working in tandem, Brian created assets while I programmed character movement. We came across more limitations and quirks with the game engine but we creatively pressed on. But, there was still much to do.

While creating the demo, we hired Garco P. Huffin, author of the Legend of Jericho to help us polish our ideas and expand our story. We devoted dozens of hours every week to the development of our demo- click here to play. We enlisted friends, family and leveraged networking events to get feedback and test concepts. Its reception was amazing and our hard work was validated.

Stay tuned to join us in our journey as we continue to breathe life into Kuru.