Kingdom of Kuru Characters

Kiros (Twin Brother)

The pleasure seeker. His birth is a mystery, but he was raised to be strong and decisive by his adoptive father Tao Suon.

Kara (Twin Sister)

Selflessness is Kara’s duty. Giving to others is her reason for being. She will go the extra mile to help out a friend or even a stranger in need.

Tao Suon

Kiros’ and Kara’s adoptive father. He is hard working, competitive and highly focused as a soldier and father.

Evil Sorcerer

One of four sorcerers from the Northern empire. Magical advisors to the Faceless King and offensive sorcerers.

Orange Orc

The most common orc. Not the brightest creature.

Blue Orc

Not as common as the orange orc. Will chase you.