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★ Race against a friend or random player in real-time online!
★ 3 powerups to slow down opponents
★ 100% real-time multiplayer!

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Download Kingdom of Kuru Stolen Lumen

Help! The Kingdom of Kuru needs you!

Welcome to the Kingdom of Kuru. As the village prepares for the great race, a villager transports the grand lumen crystal through the village intending to place the prize at the finish line

Suddenly the village is attacked by monsters and the grand lumen is stolen!

Thimp, the Druid Chief, rushes to find the royal twins Kiros and Kara with their Uncle Moti. Will you help them retrieve the grand lumen??

Let the adventures begin...


Kingdom of Kuru Phone Wallpapers

Kara Wallpaper
Kiros Wallpaper
Kingdom of Kuru
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